Moments make a human; we are the culmination of all the moments of our lives. A moment could be fleeting, barely lasting in our memories. Or it could hold on forever, shaping the way we see the world. I think observing art is a moment capable of making a person. About ten years ago, I was gifted a DVD of Al Gore’s campaign on Global Warming. It was called ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ and spoke at length about the ways our planet is getting closer to being unlivable.

What stuck with me is a comment someone made while watching it- “We’re not destroying the planet, we’re destroying our opportunity to live in it. Soon we will be no more, but the planet will continue to change and exist.”
There is so much truth to that. We are not saving the world by being environmentally conscious, we’re saving ourselves, our future.
That moment shaped me made me more environmentally conscious, care more about animal welfare. It was in this pursuit that I volunteered at the NGO that goes by the name BHUMI. I belong to their Catalyze Project, which aims to spread public awareness about Environmental issues, Animal Welfare, Sexual Harassment etc. and create a more empathetic and informed community.
As a part of the celebrations for Ten years of the NGO, a series of events were scheduled to take place over the coming weekends. The first was the Tree Plantation Drive, which was on the Independence Day of India- August 15th.
We planted about forty trees in the outskirts of Bangalore, in a place called Devashettahalli. We planted the trees in the Government Primary School, where we had the opportunity to interact with the kids who had come to take part in the school flag hoisting ceremony. We also had the opportunity to interact with the locals who were extremely helpful (they pointed out plots where planting the tree would be most viable, an invaluable insight) and really, really good cooks (the lunch- tomato bath and kesaribath were probably the best I have ever had).
It was a great learning experience and I got to understand the amount of work that goes into planning a tree plantation drive. I am leaving a series of useful links below, for those of you interested in taking on plantation drives, or just wish to make your community/home greener and cleaner (Karnataka only).

The Karnataka Forest Department provides saplings at highly reasonable rates and can be contacted at

How to find space availability for planting trees, a guide:

This NGO plants trees for free, on request

To get more information on BHUMI:

To volunteer at BHUMI:



  1. Environmental consciousness is a trait I honestly respect in my fellow human beings. Being wasteful has gotten us closer to destruction than most people in the world can comprehend. It’s time to start being mindful, in my opinion. Another great read and a truly commendable initiative!
    Happy weekend, Raksha! 🙂


  2. Thank you Nandini!
    As you rightly said, being mindful is definitely the next step for us as a collective


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